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Cavities In Children | Causes, Symptoms, Treatment


Cavities in children : tooth decay and cavities have become very common conditions in children today the increase in consumption of foods containing sugar and lack of dental hygiene are the primary causes as a parent it is your responsibility to ensure a healthy lifestyle for your child

Cavities In Children | Causes, Symptoms, Treatment


Cavities in children

Our mouth contains billions of bacteria that live on the tongue of our teeth etc, and most of these bacteria are usually harmless.

Teeth are made up of tooth enamel, and urine enamel is mostly made of minerals. The dentin is a layer under the enamel while the pulp contains blood vessels and nerves.

Now when we eat foods that contain sugars, some of these bacteria feed on acid-producing sugars, and this acid begins to dissolve minerals found in tooth enamel, which causes tooth decay, and our saliva usually restores these minerals, thus preventing further decay, but if we are constantly consuming sugary foods.

 The saliva cannot continue to cause bacteria to enter the dentin and then eventually into the pulp resulting in cavities.


It is easy to spot tooth decay the first signs include brown spots on the teeth and red swollen gums toothache is another symptom indicating damage to the tooth structure.

 Today children consume a lot of starchy and sugary foods further most kids do not brush correctly this causes the presence of bacteria and food particles in the mouth.

 The bacteria present in the mouth converts the sugar and food into acid which then combines with the food particles to form plaque if this plaque is not removed then it slowly collects over time and hardens into Tata.

 plaque and tartar contain acids which gradually corrode the enamel of the tooth and lead to cavities although cavities are painless if they are left untreated they can grow in size and damage the tooth structure.


Cavities in children

use these simple home remedies to prevent tooth decay or cavities

 take two teaspoons of rock salt add two teaspoons of mustard oil mix it well massage this on the child’s teeth leave it as it is for about five minutes ask the child to gargle with plain water.

 take one cup of lukewarm water add one teaspoon salt mix it well ask the child to gargle with this water and bedtime take your child to the dentist for regular check-ups make sure your child brushes twice a day and brushes properly.

also keep a check on the intake of sugary foods like candies chocolates cakes and cola.