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What are some self care ideas? in this article, I would like to share with you 7 ideas for the following self-care day like self-care day for morning self-care, self-care, or even just entering your week first.

What are some self care ideas?


I feel that preparing meals is one of those things that you don’t feel good about in the day just because you love Yes, I have all this food ready and you can usually eat it right away but it also pays off the next four to five days because you’ll have easy nutritious meals that you can return to day in and day out.

 advice is to have a continuous list of one-pot meals that you really like so that you can rotate them all the time so that you never get sick from the meals you have available, and if you don’t want to prepare a meal because you are bored with meals then try easily to buy all Groceries that think you can bundle meals together, just cut them and put them in the fridge so you can reach them at a later time and still have it easy to cook nutritious meals for yourself.


I set a timer and a thirty-minute diary on why you are just such a wonderful human being around self-love is a constant journey and I feel there’s no point in being a tough road to get off but a good place to start is to acknowledge all the amazing things about you and the amazing things that others in you might admit.

 As well as creating a big old list with your cool built-in features, all the things you know others love all year long and all the things you are proud of about yourself for being and don’t worry if you can’t think of anything at first or if you like writing random things just to start with a timer For 30 minutes and do not stop until the timer stops.


 Visit the café experience or the place you want to visit for a short time, do your best to post new things in your life, create unforgettable moments in your self-care days, the most memorable moments are the ones where you text-break while you do something different Slightly.

  But start going on local adventures nothing crazy, just the things you can do in your area that are different from what you usually do – if you see a cute coffee shop on Instagram then actually go to a coffee shop instead of a coffee shop would you always go and ask for something other than an avocado if you Want to actually try rock climbing.

 text someone to be like hello this time you have found a place to make it happen and not to make new experiences something unnatural in your life and don’t do it.

Save it for self-care days only, a list of local adventures you want to continue and ask them to look at those throughout the year.


Take some time to get to your comfort zone on your self-care day, this doesn’t sound like something that holds the same thing but honestly that’s because so few of us get out of our comfort zone and you might not feel good when you’re doing it but after the fact that it’s It’s really nice to get into the discomfort zone once you’ve done the thing that you’ll feel proud of, that’s definitely a self-care moment in a park video so even though it’s scary and uncomfortable.

upload a picture to Instagram that might not usually load without makeup or something from Like that, go to the scary gym class message to the guy you want to be friends with and Oscar goes to coffee.


In your environment, take a shower for too long and do things you wouldn’t normally do like deep moisturizing your hair or giving yourself a face mask, use soap that smells really good.

 Do some cleaning, you will feel a lot better when you are half clean and everything feels comfortable around you, I don’t think you should dedicate all of your self-care days to cleaning, but if you just want to pick those big the things you know have the biggest impact on you, so For me it would be things like a clean shower.

 having a clean bathroom tub with new sheets, are the things that make a big difference and they are good things to put in your self-care day if you’re going to buy something you buy something that likes.


This is a quality that will also enhance your quality of life.Continuous self-care is often associated with buying things if you give it to Google, most of it will be a collection of lists of things that you can buy such as essential oil diffusers or like foot socks that make your feet feel really good for self-care reasons and may These aren’t bad things to buy but they are likely not things you will use constantly that will have a real contribution to your happiness if you want to spend money instead of blowing on random things that you may not use in six months instead.

Instead, buy Something that will enhance your experiences, so buy things that will open you up for more connections like membership in a club or buying something that will let you go outdoors like a good picnic rug or some good hiking shoes, or buy something that gets to the pain point, so if something is bothering you Really for a while as if you were always like moving your neck inwards go do your laptop, buy a laptop, spending on experiences will definitely make your life more meaningful, but if You want to buy something physical, you have to spend on things that will improve your life experiences.


The life you live in is a constant routine and you don’t check what you do whether it makes you happy Whether you want to change anything you keep doing the same thing day in and day out, this is not how life is supposed to be to live but it is so easy to indulge again In a humble life and doing what is easy and what is comfortable.

so when the next time I will be interested in making some intentional dreams, take some time to think about and think about your life where you want to actually go to what you want to change if you want a place to start, I will start a challenge My intentional life.