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Healthy meat | top 4 healthy meat to eat

healthy meat

In today’s article, we’ll talk about the 4 healthy meat you can eat that have been demonized over the past several decades and unfairly, so the link between disease-causing meats like heart disease and colon cancer is weak at best, but it still contains Enough to dissuade most of us from eating meat and red meat, especially since Western countries eat less meat than ever before, but somehow the diseases that have been blamed add to the truth, which is that meat is very nutritious and good for our health.

 Meats contain many vitamins and minerals that we cannot get from plants alone, which makes it an essential component of our diet, but the truth is that some meats are healthier than other meats, so in today’s article we will go into the 4 best healthy meats you can eat.

The 4 types of healthy meat you can eat

Meat has been wrongly demonized for decades, and one of the original reasons was that it contained cholesterol and it was believed that this dietary cholesterol would raise our blood cholesterol levels and this would lead to heart disease, and it turns out that dietary cholesterol has little effect on the blood.

Blood cholesterol levels Our bodies create more than 70 percent of the cholesterol in our blood and adjust this percentage based on how much we get through the diet If we eat more dietary cholesterol, our bodies produce less, and if we eat more dietary cholesterol, our bodies produce There is a slight difference in blood levels when dietary cholesterol is increased or decreased until the US Dietary Guidelines dropped their recommendation to reduce dietary cholesterol in 2015.

1 Lamb

Like cows, sheep are ruminants that have the ability to ferment their food before digesting it, and this makes the lamb very similar to feeding beef, and the difference between lamb and beef is that the lamb is raised almost exclusively in pastures in some 99 countries and it is only raised in pastures and not in pens Never Fattening Buying high-quality lamb is easier than buying beef in most places, but again even if it is finished in a fattening barn, the lamb is still very nutritious.

The best sources of citric acid: A type of saturated saturated fat with health benefits, a stearic acid is found in animal fats, and the fats of some plants have been linked to stearic acid with weight loss, lowering blood pressure, improving heart function and reducing cancer.

2 Salmon

Salmon is an oily fish in cold water, and these types of fish are among the richest sources of omega-3 fatty acids. It is important to note that the form of omega-3 found in fish is the best form of the type you can consume f the omega-3 in nuts and seeds.

 is actually a precursor to the final nutrient when you consume it like this, your body has to convert it and this conversion process is very poor The type of omega-3 present in fish like salmon is already converted so you can use more of it, and omega-3 is really important.

For the health of our brain, the health of our heart and also the health of our joints as we talked earlier with beef, the difference in nutrition terms between herbal and conventional foods is not great but when it comes to salmon, the difference between wild and farmed catch is more important, so in this case, I would urge you, I strongly choose the wild catch when you can.

 Now if you live in a country where it is not easy to get wild catch salmon I live in Australia for example, pretty much all types of fresh salmon are grown, unfortunately, another option is to buy it canned You can buy canned wild-caught salmon here, and if you really can’t find it, other similar options are sardines, herring, and anchovies.

3  Oregon meats

Organ meats, specifically animal livers, are very nutritious, they are the most nutrient-dense foods out there in terms of bioavailable vitamins and beef liver and minerals in particular puff up.

Everything else is water but the heart spleen and other organs are also great now the reason why I didn’t put organ meat first on this list is that you only need to eat it in small amounts in order to reap the benefits from one to two small servings of liver per week that will help increase It nourishes you to the maximum, and if you are not a fan of the taste of liver, you can grind and mix it with ground beef, making easy burgers.

4 Beef

Beef has been falsely denigrated for decades, and we have been asked to restrict it in favor of leaner meats like chicken, but the truth is that beef is one of the best types of meat you can eat.There are all nine essential amino acids that we need to eat every day.

For optimal healthy beef and all other types of animal protein they are considered complete protein sources because they contain all nine essential amino acids in balanced quantities.

Plant proteins are considered incomplete and must be paired together in order to obtain all the essential amino acids in the correct quantity, it takes more than 600 calories from kidney beans to get the same amount of protein you can get in a four-ounce steak, which is only 180 calories, but protein is not the only reason large cows are ruminants, which means that they have a digestive system designed to obtain nutrients from plants.