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Did you know that daily habits dictate how successful or unsuccessful you are in life?

These habits include waking up early to sleep at least seven hours a night, practicing dream making, practicing communicating with other successful people, and most importantly, reading 30 minutes or more every day for self-education, learning new skills and staying informed.

All famous millionaires have their own reading schedule, for example tick a successful Cuban billionaire and a TV personality reads three hours a day that adds up to about a thousand hours a year Danny Gilbert, self-made billionaire and owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers reads from one to two hours a day ,Bill Gates is the richest man known to read an amazing 50 books a year

In today’s post, the Practical Wisdom brings you books to read recommended by Warren Buffett to help you start your journey to success.

The 5 top books to read recommended for you


the intelligent investor

The Smart Investor was first published in 1949, and is a widely acclaimed book written by the father of the economist and investor Benjamin Graham.

Based on an investment in value, it is an investment approach that Graham began teaching at Columbia Business School in 1928 and later polished with David Dodd. The book focuses primarily on investment principles and investor trends and aims to teach the following:

1. How to reduce the chances of suffering irreparable losses

2. How to maximize the chances of achieving sustainable gains

3. How to overcome the self-destructive thinking patterns that often prevent investors from reaching their full potential, according to Graham.

The intelligence needed to be a good investor has much more to do with personality than he does. One must be patient, disciplined, and eager to learn new things in order to become a smart investor.

 The wisdom of this book has been proven over years of application, making it the bible for the stock market that aims to protect investors.

This book, which he considers one of the happiest moments of his life.

The investing approach was based on the conceptual framework he developed from his reading, stating that investing successfully over a lifetime does not require unusual business insights or inside information, but rather a sound frame of mind for decision-making and the ability to prevent emotions from eroding that framework that this book clearly describes.


security analysis

Written by the Columbia Business School professors who taught Warren Buffett that security analysis had been in print for more than 60 years with nearly 60 million copies sold, the authors witnessed and survived the Great Depression as well as the political and financial instability of World War II and then became more capable.

On defining a program for reasonable and profitable investment in the last half of the century, the book represents the birth of financial analysis and corporate finance, and a number of financial terms have been coined in the book.

The main idea of ​​the book is that you can know and understand the value of a company is that you can be able to know and understand the value of the company regardless of market knowledge if your analysis is comprehensive enough Graham suggests a clear definition of distinctive investment from what he sees from the speculation that states that the investment process is Which promises.

the principle of safety when comprehensive analysis, adequate yield and processes that do not meet these requirements. Roadmap he followed for 57 years even after it was published, except that it is still relevant and fortunately, comments that remain the best evidence of S Tthari argue that the reason is still popular due to his indispensable approach to investing.


books to read

The Washington Post bestselling stress test in the New York Times and Los Angeles Times is the 2014 diary by former US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, written as an account of the efforts to save the US economy from collapse in the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis.

In Geithner’s book Taking Readers Behind the Scenes, The Crisis details the difficult choices and unpalatable political decisions he made to fix the crippled financial system and prevent the collapse of the Main Street economy.

As well as unveiling a portion of it that the public feels unaware of his early childhood, he recounts his early days as a young treasury official helping to fight international financial crises in the 1990s, then describing what he saw and missed in New York before the Wall Street boom.

 In the book, Geisner takes the reader through the onset of the crisis, all through controversies and battles to criticize his plan, but it was ultimately successful.

It also describes the consequences of the administration and its efforts to address the resulting problems that have arisen such as the high unemployment rate, his personal description of how America will endure the ultimate stress test of its financial system politicians. It is also a must-read for any manager.


poor charlie's almanack

In just over 500 pages, Poor Charlie’s Calendar documents the ingenious wisdom of Charlie Manger, written and compiled with collaboration and encouragement from Warren Buffett’s Vice President Berkshire Charlie Manger is Warren Buffett’s longtime partner and although he is less well-known compared to the latter he is no less awkward.

 The book’s title is a tribute to Benjamin Franklin best known for his admiration for Munger and is a compilation of Charlie Manger ‘best advice given over 30 years in the form of 11 speeches given his opening speech and roundtable talks.

The conversations show his rationality and his amazing clarity of thinking that actually goes beyond his usual phrase and I have nothing to add, he sums up information about Charlie Manger ‘s life as well as his desired philosophical views regarding investment and talks he had in Berkshire Hathaway meetings.

 As well as presenting his unique vision of the world, what he calls a multi-approach Interdisciplinary is a self-developed model for clear and simple thinking that is far from simplistic in and of itself Buffett spoke of this book edited by Peter de Kaufmann in his 2004 letter to said that scholars have long debated whether Charlie is a reincarnation of Ben Franklin and he should solve this.


the outsiders

Number one on Warren Buffett’s recommended reading list in the 2012 Berkshire Hathaway annual shareholder letter, Outsiders tell the stories of eight successful CEOs.These are CEOs of well-known companies including public cinema Ralston Purina, Washington Post Berkshire Hathaway General Dynamics Capital Cities TCI and teledyne broadcasts detailing.

the commonalities between these eight CEOs referred to as strangers in the book who greatly outperformed their peers, mentioned their common traits from the start and used the remaining chapters to review each outsider’s experience in more depth to what they said they were Very different.

 from the standard CEO personality, they weren’t the kind of charismatic visionary, but rather flexible and patient pragmatists and opportunists who relied on years of research and experience Thorndike tells eye-opening stories, draws lessons and uncovers a compelling alternative despite not being a bestseller.

 However, is the only book that appears to affect the CEOs and major investors of a company Dale Michael Dell praises the book as a good read for any business leader, especially those who want to chart their own path It’s a great book about CEOs who excel at allocating capital and recommended by Forbes as one of America’s most important business books, a must-read for anyone interested in leading a company.

Or invest in one and reap extraordinary returns while this list is not very diverse in genre as the reading list of Bill Gates Buffett’s recommendations will suit anyone with a curiosity about business, and especially an investment for anyone hoping to be a wealthy investment is definitely part of the to-do list.

These books will definitely motivate you as an entrepreneur and invest your heart.

If you are stuck wondering what to do or what book to read, try one of these recommended books and it will challenge you to know very well why Warren Buffett believes you should read it if you have already read it.