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Job Interview 5 Mistakes You Don’t Want To Make


 The competition is getting tougher by the day About 3.9 million students graduated from college last year, and as of 2019 according to the same study, 35 of us have completed four years in college or more compared to 1940, and only 4.6 percent of the population had a college degree or more with more and more graduating each year.

And countless graduates often apply for the same jobs, and your chances of landing a well-paying job if you don’t have the right connections are slim at best with graduates outperforming the jobs, there is a mismatch between supply and demand.

Large companies have arduous application procedures and out of many applicants only a few Like I said before, landing a job these days is very difficult It shouldn’t spoil your chances by simply calling for an interview.

So what should you do? What mistakes should you avoid? Today we discuss some of the common mistakes in job interviews people make so that you can avoid them in your next interview?

1 Dress to impress

It takes only 7 seconds to make a first impression and employers will judge you based on the look of your clothes and speaking before looking at your qualifications.

Maybe appearances don’t matter much, but they make sure you wear the right clothes for the job.

If that means wearing a clean suit and tie with a nice pair of polished shoes, do it when you dress appropriately, you show professionalism and sharpness which will help the employer qualify you as part Appropriate Of their workforce.

2 lack of research

One of the biggest mistakes anyone can make is not doing any research about the company too often, you will find job applicants do not know basic information about the company and what it does or represent.

 Company vision and mission for eachThe company sets a specific goal that is reflected in the mission and vision of that company, and knowing the goals and objectives of the company Can earn you brownie points moreover, the answer is in a way that shows that your goals are in line with the company and also gives a good impression of the values ​​that all major companies value.

 These are the rules and guidelines that companies should adhere to them by providing two or three examples of personal or professional life related to these values It can help you go a long way.

For example, teamwork can be a value a company has when you ask yourself, you can mention that you are a great team player and finish by telling a touching story.

For example, you can do this by presenting a short story like how you and your former colleagues came up with a solution to saving your ex-boss thousands of unnecessary costs.

Just make sure it’s a true story that fits the scenario to better understand the values ​​we should look at them from a deeper perspective.

Those with similar interests tend to reconcile better people who are more welcome to people of the same religion, ethnicity, or ethnicity.

The values ​​themselves are the life and blood of an organization, it is the attributes that everyone is part of a certain group that the organization should own and thus show how you have the same values ​​as the company.

A job description may go a long way, knowing that the job description for the role you have applied for is pivotal to success, and candidates often stumble into the interview because they fail to request a job description Before applying for a marketing job.

You should be aware of the latest trends in the marketing world, You should also be aware of some great marketing campaigns where your interlocutors can confuse you by putting up ads or marketing recently for the campaign you liked In an industry that has a very important industry background.

 It is imperative that you do so browse the financial data, know the profit margins and you should be able to determine the performance of the company in relation to the industry you are looking at in your interviews, and it may also help tremendously with LinkedIn, this has become a lot easier in understanding what they like and dislikes then using your own examples by turning around your examples can help you against those fans and others Fans outperform other candidates.

3 Not updating cv

Sometimes, you may be lucky enough to be called for an interview with a poor or average CV,  but that does not mean that you should not amend or amend the CV before going for a job interview.

Grammar mistakes in checking your CV for grammatical errors is important, you do not want the interviewer to embarrass you by finding silly grammatical errors during the interview, this gives the impression that the candidate does not care about the details and does not appreciate the small things in life.

 The CV length should usually be from a Page length If you still find the desire to add more details, you should go to 2 pages maximum but not more than the interviewers Usually the agenda is busy and they might just browse your resume.

 The idea of ​​going to many pages can stop the interviewer Personalizing your resume is critical to the success of interviewing applicants.

Often mistaken for a standardized CV for all jobs and companies, it is imperative that you tweet the CV after the job and the company as mentioned earlier, all companies have different values ​​and goals and then use the same CV may work Standard in some companies, but it may be disastrous in others of lying on the CV, you should refrain from lying to the interviewers on your CV.

They may usually ask questions about everything in your CV, and if you have written incorrect information, there is a chance Great because they can catch up for you.

 Interviewers usually have years of interviewing experience while they may not show it, they can easily judge when an applicant is lying Only defensible information should be added to your CV.

4 Not practicing enough

Job applicants usually take interviews lightly and are not prepared for interviews, although the research you’re looking for is a total lack of practice can hinder even the smartest candidates understanding what we mean by more practice in knowing yourself, you need to know yourself before you even hope to conduct An interview with someone.

You should always keep in mind that the interview is going to be about you, so if you run out of information about yourself, how will you communicate it to the other person through common interview questions Common job interview questions such as – Tell me about yourself –

You should also consider your strengths and weaknesses before going to the interview.

Often Companies ask behavioral questions such as telling me when you asked this or that question, and telling me when you asked such-and-such or that question.

 Answers to these questions must be prepared and practiced in advance so that we can communicate eloquently at the start of the interview.

 The task-based procedure and results-based approach work best in this practical and hands-on scenario, you should practice in front of your friends or colleagues and always take their feedback before going to interviews even if you know the answers are stumbled by a lack of practice.

5 Lack of discipline

Being accurate on time for an interview is one of the basics of a job interview When we say being on time, we mean that an optimal time that is too early may show despair while being late may show a lack of interest that we think appears only 10-15 minutes before the interview, May work well.

It is also important to follow the instructions mentioned in the e-mail or on the phone, Failure to follow the instructions also leads to a bad impression among workers about inappropriate clothing.

As mentioned earlier, you must dress for success regardless of how well-dressed companies turn. Dressing well is the limit Lower to make a good impression on us when we wear a stylish suit with a matching tie that goes a long way, it makes a good impression on the interviewer shows you are interested and helps you earn cake points, remember it first Impressions are always counted well along with finery.

It is also essential to be clean shaved with nails combed well and nails should be trimmed You must make sure to use the appropriate deodorant before brushing the corresponding teeth Bad breath can be a dangerous red sign of inappropriate behavior of the interlocutor, you must maintain the appropriate behavior From entering the organization.

Everyone should be treated with respect even when participating in the interview.

You should try to listen to the questions first and then also talk about other inappropriate behaviors such as flirting and excessive arguing that you should avoid and not ask questions and follow up after the interview ends.

Good questions should be asked and this again shows your eagerness to join To a company.

Moreover, it also gives the impression that you are aware of the latest trends and shows an interest in the company’s endeavors. Remember to thank the interviewers with a smile before leaving the interview room. Once you return home, you must send an email to all of the interviewers.

With a thank you note, this may once again help you outperform all other job applicants, so in conclusion, job interviews are stressful especially for young graduates who have graduated directly from college, but avoiding these common mistakes can help a person achieve his dream.