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In today’s article, I want to do a sit down with you and give you some tips on how to be a happy parent or a happy mom.

So here are just a few tips of things that I do that help me get through the day and stay positive.


Know this can be easier said than done when you have very young children at home, but I read a quote the other day that said, “If you just take 30 minutes to yourself, that is only 5% of your entire day.”

 And it’s funny how when you become a mum, things that were basic hygiene, like having a shower before you are a parent suddenly become me time.

So whatever it is that you like to do, whether it’s reading, whether it is like taking a bath, once the kids have gone to bed and ignoring all the mess around you, whatever it is, try and find that time for your own sanity.

And for me, I’ve really struggled with having me time because I feel such a huge amount of mom guilt. But recently I’ve found something that I do that actually gives me no mum guilt at all and that is running.

When I run with my friend, I feel like I’m doing it for my health as well and I don’t feel so guilty about it.

Whereas if I go and have beauty treatments or something, I feel really guilty about doing that. So I actually tend to have beauty treatments when the kids are asleep for some reason.

But yes, if you can find some me time, it will do wonders.


I personally feel so much better when I feel organized and that’s probably why I’ve made so many organizational videos and routine videos in the past.

So if you don’t know where to start with a routine, I will link some of my past videos down below.

But I like to use a planner. I also like to have to do this on my phone, which I can share it with my husband so he can also do some of the tasks.

I like to have a command center in our kitchen so that the entire family is on board. And meal planning is also a game changer.


Because motherhood can be so isolating and lonely at times. When I had our first baby, I was the first one out of my friend group to have a baby so my immediate friends couldn’t really relate to everything that I was going through at home and I also live very far away from any family.

All of my family live in Canada and I know that’s the case for so many of you guys as well so it can be really lonely.

So if you can make some like-minded friends that you can either go for a coffee with or just chat to about the things that you’re going through as a new mother, it can be so invaluable.

But it can also be quite hard making new mom friends. It can be like dating again. So I wanted to tell you about this really cool app called ”Peanut”.

It’s a social networking app for mums. So you can meet like minded moms in your area and it’s completely free to download.

You can download it from the app store. I love that you can go onto this app and you can meet like minded moms in your community, you can chat to them, you can join groups, you can ask questions across topics such as pregnancy, motherhood, love and so many others.


 I feel like our house and our family is so much happier if we have an outing every day. I get restless if we don’t, the kids get restless.

And if things ever do get heated at home, I’m like, right, get your coats, gear, shoes. We are going outside. So whether it’s like a simple trip to the park or even…

 I always remember when I had three under five years old, even once I just got them all into the car, drove to the drive through, got a coffee, and then drove home and it just did wonders for my brain on that day.


Ask for help. Now this is something I really struggled with when I had my first son. I kind of felt, even though I had a baby, I wanted to maintain the house at the same level.

So when he was napping, I was cleaning constantly, but what I should have maybe done was asked for help from family members or not care so much because nothing bad actually happens if your house is a bit messy.

 The people that matter to you should understand that you’ve just had a baby and therefore that’s the life stage that you’re in.

So when I had my second son, I was a lot more relaxed and better at just letting the washing pile up and having cuddles with my son if that’s what I wanted to do.


I’m sure we’ve all come across competitive mums at playgroups. You know the ones that say their one-year-old is reading or whatever it might be.

 Just know that when those moms are being competitive, it’s their issue and their insecurity and not you or your baby.

All babies are different and once they start school, they all pretty much catch up to each other.

So don’t overthink it, don’t worry. And another massive tip on this one is to edit your social media. Only follow accounts that make you feel good about yourself.

If there are anyone that you’re following that is bringing you down, just press the unfollow button.


Don’t judge other mums and try to have empathy for people because we really don’t know what’s going on with anyone.

We don’t know what anyone’s really going through. So if you see a much older child with a dummy or a pacifier in their mouth, well, there might be a reason for that.

They may have just had a meltdown and that is the only thing that will stop them screaming, like we really don’t know.

So I think the best thing we can do as moms is if I see another mum trying to wrestle with a child who’s having a tantrum or whatever, it’s like smile at them or give them like a nod.

Like I know, like I’ve been there before. I think we just all really need to support each other.


That is just yours. So for me, once I started blogging and it wasn’t my husband’s and it wasn’t my kids, I felt so much happier because it kind of gave me a purpose.

So I’m sure for a lot of us it will be the work that we do. But as I said, motherhood can be really isolating.

So it was really nice to like have a hobby or a thing. And my last tip, I was unsure whether to include or not because I think it sounds silly, but it honestly makes me feel so much happier.


Whenever I declutter a room or even a drawer or a space like under the sink or something, it just clears my mind and makes me feel a lot happier.

So I’ve made so many de-cluttering videos in the past as well. So I’ll link some of those for you.

But yes, I hope you really enjoyed these  tips on how I am a happy parent.