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10 things that happen once you stop wearing makeup

wearing makeup can make you feel more beautiful and it can boost your self-confidence .

makeup highlights your natural beauty conceals flaws and can turn your look from blam to glam within minutes.

but wearing makeup can also be damaging to your skin, and sometimes going makeup free is the only solution.

today we’re discussing all the things that happen once you stop wearing makeup.

1- Less breakouts

most makeup products are made using harmful toxins that wreak havoc on our skin.

 combined those products with dirty makeup brushes, and you have a recipe for disaster.

 when you skip out on wearing makeup, you’re no longer turning your skin into a breeding ground for acne causing bacteria.

 makeup products placed on top of an acne breakout could cause the formation of new pimples, skin irritation and inflammation when you stop wearing makeup, you’ll see a

noticeable reduction in breakouts.

2-  Clean pores

 as much as you try to keep your pores clean and unclogged, heavy foundation and powder accumulate inside each pore every time you put on makeup.

the products mix with the natural oils in your skin and with dead skin cells to create a plug that causes blackheads and whiteheads.

 when you stop wearing makeup, you can focus more on keeping your skin nice and clean, and your pores will no longer be clogged from makeup products.

3- Appreciate your flaws

when wearing makeup, some beauty lovers use Foundation and concealer to hide imperfections, beauty marks scars birthmarks and freckles.

 when you decide to stop wearing makeup, you’ll be forced to step out into the real world showing your natural beauty and all your perfect imperfections.

 you’ll learn how to appreciate those imperfections on your skin because they make you who you really are.

4- You don’t have to take it off

one of the worst parts about putting on makeup is having to take it all off at the end of the day.

 this is why skipping out on makeup is so appealing. instead of having to go through dozens of makeup wipes and spending an insane amount of time trying to remove your false lashes,

eyeliner, mascara and every bit of concealer underneath your eyes, going makeup free makes cleaning your face so much easier.

5- You save time

can you imagine just how much time you’d save every morning if you left the house

without putting on any makeup ?

 most people spend at least 20 to 30 minutes every day perfecting their makeup look.

if they decided to go makeup free, they could devote that extra time to other things, like catching up on sleep fixing a hearty breakfast,or leaving early to beat the traffic.

6- Fewer eye infections and injuries

one of the worst parts about wearing makeup is the threat of a pesky eye infection.

 if you accidentally get mascara in your eye or you’re using unsanitized brushes and expired products, you run the risk of a nasty eye infection like pink eye.

 even if you keep all of your makeup brushes and products super clean, you can still injure yourself by accidentally poking your cornea using an eyeliner pencil or a mascara wand.

 if you skip out on wearing makeup, you decrease the chances of getting an eye infection or an injury.

7- More confidence

some women wear makeup to boost their confidence, but going makeup-free can actually give you even more confidence than you could ever imagine.

 when you decide to step out into the world with a bare face, you’re showing everyone that you’re comfortable in your own skin.

 you may even start to prefer going makeup-free once you realize that you’re just as beautiful with and without all the makeup products on your face.

8- Your skin rehydrates

makeup products are full of harmful ingredients that cause your skin to dry out over time.

 makeup disturbs your skin’s natural cell renewal process, which can make your skin appear dull and dry.

 when you stop wearing makeup, your skin has the chance to breathe, and it can rehydrate and replenish itself through its natural process.

 in the end, you’ll be left with vibrant and glowing skin.

9- You might look younger

if you normally wear a full face of makeup, the second you decide to go makeup free, you may notice that you actually appear younger.

 without makeup covering your natural beauty, your freckles on your skin are on full display, and the natural rosiness of your cheeks is more apparent.

don’t be surprised if strangers stop you on the street and tell you how beautiful and youthful you really look.

 10- Fewer allergic reactions

there are many companies that are dedicated to creating all-natural makeup products that arefree of harmful toxins.

 the any of the most popular brands are full of parabens and sulfates that are severely damaging to the skin.

 these ingredients can cause skin allergies and a skin irritation called dermatitis that leaves your face looking patchy and red.

when you decide to stop wearing makeup, you’ll never have to worry about a skin allergy because going makeup-free will solve all of your problems.