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10 DIY Beauty Hacks That are Actually Terrible Your Skin

 who wouldn’t want to clear acne unclog pores and have healthy and glowing skin just from using some common household products ?

 although you may think these beauty hacks are harmless many of them can actually damage your skin.

today we’re talking about 10 DIY hacks that can ruin your skin.

1- Removing blackheads with glue

using glue to remove blackheads seems like a good idea but this is one DIY beauty hack that you should definitely avoid.

 beauty gurus insist this method of placing glue on their nose and allowing it to dry for up to 20 minutes before peeling it off .

is the secret to getting rid of blackheads forever.

 but putting glue on your skin can lead to an allergic reaction even if the product claims to be non-toxic.

 the ingredients in most of these products can actually clog your pores which will lead to even more blackheads in the long run.

 2- Rubbing alcohol to fight acne

 it may be tempting to put rubbing alcohol on acne breakouts to help dry out zits but using alcohol on your skin is a definite no-no .

although alcohol can help to clear up bacteria that causes breakout, using a harsh ingredient like rubbing alcohol directly on the skin can lead to skin peeling.

 this anti bacterial disinfectant is drying and damaging because it strips the skin leaving it dry and irritated.

3- Using dish soap on oily skin

liquid dish soap is supposed to clean grease and grime from dirty dishes, but that hasn’t stopped DIY hours from putting it on their face to fight oily skin.

 even though dish soap gets rid of oil on your pots and pans it wasn’t designed to combat oil on the skin.

 the harsh chemicals contained in liquid dish soap can actually strip your delicate skin of

the healthy oils it needs to maintain its youthful and vibrant appearance.

4- Lime deodorants

 lime has long been used as a natural alternative to deodorant.

 diyerrs believe the acidity and lime stop sweat and gets rid of bacteria that causes underarm odor.

 this may be true but this DIY hack actually does more harm than good.

 because of its acidic nature rubbing lime juice underneath the sensitive skin and your armpits can lead to skin irritation blister and painful burns.

5-  Setting makeup with hairspray

hairspray is the key to setting your hairstyle but it definitely shouldn’t be used to set your makeup.

this DIY makeup hack has been picking up steam in recent years even though it can cause some major damage to the skin.

 the ingredients in most hair sprays include a high alcohol content and other harmful chemicals and toxins that one should never spray on their face.

 letting hair spray set into the skin can zap out all of the moisture leading to dry and flaky skin that looks dull and lifeless.

 6- Hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth

even though hydrogen peroxide is a common ingredient in teeth whitening toothpastes, using this household product as a DIY hack is downright dangerous.

using pure hydrogen peroxide without diluting it with water can lead to severe tissue burns in your mouth.

 after repeated use it will strip away your skin’s natural protective barriers, and it will decrease your skin’s ability to properly heal itself over time.

7- Sugar exfoliation

in the beauty community sugar is a common ingredient in most DIY exfoliant.

 but the jagged edges of sugar are far too harsh to be used on your face.

the rigorous acts of exfoliating using sugar can cause tiny micro tears on the surface of your skin, leading to inflammation and irritation after sugar exfoliant your skin will be more vulnerable to flakiness and dryness.

8- Egg white face mask

many people are convinced that putting egg whites on their face is the secret to getting rid of blackheads and tightening their pores.

however using egg whites as a face mask is a recipe for disaster.

 not only are you running the risk of getting salmonella by putting raw eggs on your skin, but some DIY errs have even experienced negative reactions including clogged pores and acne breakouts.

 so avoid rubbing raw eggs on your skin and keep them for your morning breakfast instead.

9-  Petroleum jelly to prevent wrinkles

petroleum jelly has long been considered the holy grail of DIY ingredients to help prevent wrinkles.

this beauty hat consists of simply slathering a bunch of Vaseline on your face to moisturize your skin and make wrinkles less apparent.

 petroleum jelly doesn’t we prevent wrinkles and putting too much of it on your face can suffocate your pores, and aggravate a pre-existing acne breakout by sealing in the dirt and

bacteria on your skin.

10-  Toothpaste on pimples

putting toothpaste on pimples is a DIY beauty hack that has been around for ages.

 many people swear by putting a dab of toothpaste on a pimple before bed that by the time they wake up in the morning, there’s it has miraculously disappeared.

 but toothpaste is made for the hard enamel on your teeth and it should never be placed on the skin.

although it may dry out as it it can also deplete healthy moisture from surrounding areas, and it can lead to chemical burns if the toothpaste is left on for too long.