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In today’s article, I’m going to be sharing with you the memorable Christmas traditions that my family does to hopefully make Christmas as magical and memorable as possible.


So the first one I wanted to share with you is probably my favorite and one that we’re actually doing this evening.

So it’s also top of mind, but that is to go and see the Christmas lights, but with a bit of a twist.

So basically what we do is we get the boys to have a bath, then we put them into some Christmas pajamas or maybe their fleecy onesies.

make up some hot chocolate to take with us in travel mugs or you can take popcorn and snacks as well.

But wherever you live, if you ask around at school or if you even do a quick Google as to where the best Christmas lights are, chances are you will find it.

You could have Christmas music in the car. Sometimes we get out and actually walk up and down the street and look, but most of the time, we stay in the car and it’s just a really nice tradition.


This tradition is in the true spirit of Christmas and that is a reverse advent calendar.

you basically get a big box and every day of advent, you put one thing into the box to give to charity. So last year, we did it for the food bank.

So I just did a quick Google search on what our local food bank needed and was actually requesting because they put it on their website.

They wanted things like toothpaste, sanitary products, cans of sausages and things like that.

So every day, we put one item into the box and then you take it to the food bank.

This is a great way to teach the kids about giving and that it’s not all about receiving at Christmas.

 but if I do the reverse advent calendar again next year, I’m going to do it for the month of November because what I’ve found is charities actually need all of the stuff at the beginning of December to organize it and distribute it to the people that really need it.

So that’s one change we’re going to do next year. We’re going to do it the month earlier, but I think it’s a really nice lesson to do with the kids and it’s a heartwarming tradition.


this reminds me of when I was little, my sister and I used to get so excited on Christmas Eve that my mum would let us choose one present from under the Christmas.

 tree and that would keep us going, but nowadays, Santa or the elves bring a Christmas Eve box.

So we actually have a little personalized box because you know I love personalizing things, and what comes in that box is normally matching Christmas pajamas so that everyone can wear them to bed.

maybe some snacks like some popcorn, stuff to make hot chocolate with, sometimes a movie, and also a book like The Night Before Christmas.

And then we’ll read the book to the boys, they’ll wear the pajamas, we’ll watch the film, and it’s really, really special and something they look so forward to every year.


every year, we basically go to the same Christmas grotto to see Santa and we have a photo there, and these photos have become such a good way of documenting the boys’ growth and our family’s growth.

I feel like it’s a tradition we’re going to have to keep doing until the boys are men, but it’s really special.

So wherever you choose, maybe try and get a photo of your family in a similar spot each year and it’s really, really special.


this tradition is a really practical one, but it also teaches the kids to donate to charity, and that is to have a big toy clear out every December.

This not only makes way for all of the Christmas toys coming in, but it also teaches the children to minimalize their things and to donate anything they don’t really play with to children that might actually use it and love it.

So obviously, I do the bulk of this but I do try to get the kids to get involved and they can each choose a toy that they haven’t really been playing with much and then we can drop it at the charity shop.


North Pole Breakfast for the boys. So you could do this anytime in December but we tend to do it the first weekend of December, and sometimes the elf on the shelf brings it.

but all we do is put out some decorations, have some Christmas themed pancakes, maybe some iced bombs or donuts, like a real treat breakfast, maybe a Christmas themed drink and crackers.


Each year I buy one nice decoration, when we started doing Christmas at home, we couldn’t have afforded to get all the crazy decorations that you can. So we would have like every year, let’s just get one really nice one.

So this year we got Norman the Nutcracker, and he was £70, so quite pricey but I really love it.

 I think he looks really cool by the fireplace. One year we got personalized stockings, which was definitely an investment when we got them.

One year we got the Christmas Eve books. So each year we’re just doing one thing and we’re starting to have a really nice collection of decorations.


I wrap all of the presents, I have red wine, a glass of red wine, and I put Love Actually on and I will sit there and I will wrap all the presents while I’m watching Love Actually or I also love The Holiday.

So sometimes it does take two nights, but I just love doing that tradition.

 I so look forward to it so that wrapping doesn’t feel like a chore, it’s something that I really love to do.


That is my favorite meal in the world. Eggs Benedict and Bucks Fizz, and every Christmas Eve night, Matt makes steak and chips.

It’s just a really simple meal and it’s just really nice to have. And also for me not to worry about doing any Christmas cooking before Christmas Day, he tends to make the steak and chips and we all love having that.